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Our Bed and Breakfast

Cadalen is situated in the countryside, close to the Medieval village of Lautrec. The house originates from the 14th century, and is surrounded by a big and old garden, where our two peacocks also live. 

Close to the house and on our land is an impressive dovecot (not in use though) with two towers. This is a house with a lot of character, both inside and outside.

The breakfast is served in the dining room at the time of your choice, but no earlier than 08.30 (so you get fresh bread). If you need to leave before 08.30, please let us know in advance.

On arrival, you’ll be able to choose what you want for breakfast the next morning, and at what time you want it served. This is what we have to offer:




Pain au chocolat



Eggs (boiled, fried or scrambled)

Dry-cured ham

Hard cheese


Fruits and vegetables


Chocolate powder (for hot chocolate)

Tea, black or green



You can park your car outside, in front of the house or in front of the  dovecot. If you have a motorbike, a bicycle or any other small vehicle that you don't want to park outside, we have room in our stable. Let us know when you arrive and we'll provide you with your own stall.

Baby guests

We have a few things that we hope can make it easier for you. We have a baby bed/cot that we can put in any room, a high baby chair for the breakfast table, a microwave oven you can use anytime you want. If you have an emergency laundry to do, we’ll try our best to help you with that. 

Internet connection

You have free internet access in all the house through wifi. We will give you the password at your arrival.


You are welcome to use our kitchen as long as you don’t plan to prepare entire dinners. You can use the microwave oven, the coffee machine and the water boiler any time you want. If we have room in the fridge you can also store limited amount of chilled products in there.

If you are a vegetarian, vegan, if you are allergic to gluten, lactose, milk protein or anything else and you think that it requires an adjustment of the breakfast menu, just let us know in advance and we’ll of course do our best to accommodate you.


Unfortunately Cadalen is not the ultimate place to stay if you have, for example, a physical or vision impairment. To get to the rooms you must walk up a staircase and then there are additional small stairs on the floors where the rooms are situated. It’s a bit of a maze, and there are no lifts.


Our cats live exclusively outdoors and in the stable.

If you have any allergies that might be of importance for the comfort of your stay (for example food, plants, flowers, soap, detergent, animals), please contact us in advance and we’ll see what we can do to solve it. 

Our policies

Food and drinks

Smoking is not allowed inside any of the buildings. You can smoke outdoors around the places where we have ashtrays. Please show consideration to you fellow guests when you choose where to smoke, and please use the ashtrays. We ask you not to smoke close to entrances/exits. 

Except for the breakfast, we don’t provide any other meals at Cadalen, but we’ll be happy to recommend restaurants nearby.

We are not allowed to sell alcohol at Cadalen, but if you want to have a glass of wine, beer or aperitif that you bring yourselves, you’re of course allowed to do that, in moderate amounts.

Please don’t drink or eat in the room, due to the risk of smell and food spill. The common areas, for example the dining room and the garden, are much more suitable for that.

Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to bring animals to stay with you. This is partly because we have animals too: cats (who live exlusively outdoors and in the stable), 2 geese and 2 peacocks. If your animals and ours don’t get along, it could end in disaster, and we don’t want that.